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How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Printing Business?

Custom T-Shirt Printing

Custom t-shirt printing relates to the technique or method of printing on a t-shirt. Custom t-shirt printing involves an intricate design, lettering, or picture, which is implemented or imprinted onto the t-shirt utilizing different printing methods.

These custom t-shirts UK can then be marketed commercially. One of the most popular business ideas is selling custom t-shirts UK or starting a clothing brand of customized t-shirts UK. Customized t-shirts UK are famous all around the world.

Steps to Start a Custom T-Shirt Printing Business

Conduct Market Research

Like any business investment, you must examine your market to find out what the demand is. Understand what your opponents are doing so you don’t stop up giving the same services or provide to the same clients. Viewing online reviews for your opponents will help you see what the market wants and avoids.

Examine Your Product

Always test the quality of your product to make sure everything is right before you assign it to clients. Unhappy clients could direct to lost income and a bad reputation for your new business.

Start Small

If you’re buying a printer to print shirts yourself, don’t try to get a ten-color automated press. Start with a small and modest four-color press with your basic inks, and screens.

Invest in the Best Machinery

Invest your money in buying the best machinery. The digital printer is best for printing t-shirts. The benefit of using these digital printers is that they enable you to do remarkable prints on clothes without the high expense of regular screen printing presses.

Market Your Company

For marketing your service and business with people and organizations social media and meet up associations are the best places to begin. You can also get started by giving shirts to local firms. You can also give advertisements on the internet.

Create Your Designs

Now you the time comes to start designing your shirts. The initial thing you want to consider is to outsource your designs to make them yourself. If you don’t have the knowledge or time to create designs you can hire someone to create the design for your shirts.

Need Computer

If you wish to create your designs, you’ll need a computer. Choose the most comfortable computer for you. With the help of a computer, you can easily create designs for your t-shirts. You can use both a computer and a laptop. You can choose whether Mac or Windows.


Once you have a computer now you require some software. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are essential and are suitable for your designs. If you’re not in Adobe’s products you can also use any vector-based software such as CorelDraw or Inkscape will do. Of course, there are many specific programs produced just for the screen print business such as InkSoft. When you’re going to want a website to present your work and as a place where people can reach you too. Also, think about getting some invoicing software to take care of your billing and records as well.

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