The Best Personalisation Ideas: Baseball Cap Embroidery, Printing, and More

  • Posted by priyanshi
  • 2024-06-04
Baseball Cap Embroidery

Looking to add some fashionable fun in your workplace? We have some fantastic ideas in our kitty!

Baseball caps can be classy and quirky. A good selection of such caps.

So why wait?

Get these super ideas from a wholesale T-shirt printing in the UK that has years of experience and let your staff wear some of the coolest baseball caps.

Why a baseball cap embroidery is the best embroidery option

If you’re asking us whether your staff can wear baseball caps in the workplace, the BIG answer is yes, they can!

Well, after the pandemic, offices are experimenting with various dress codes and patterns. And in that, if you’re getting a baseball cap from t-shirt printing agencies, you’ll be in a super advantageous position.

In your workplace, you’ll have both boomers and millennials, and everyone wishes to dress in their own way, following their suitable garments and colour choices.

A recent poll suggested that most Gen Zs like to wear baseball caps in their workplace, while millennials even like to wear them in the office. Let’s look out for what are the great reasons that make wearing an embroidery beanie cap so cool:

  • People love wearing this as most celebs wear this. And that made these caps a fashion icon
  • It’s a street-smart style in the UK
  • It’s a custom of the Brits to wear a stylish cap
  • Caps can go well with any custom dress

Given these reasons, UK people will love to wear beanies that have company logos as well as come in different designs.

Top ideas for your baseball cap embroidery

Now let’s move to the most exciting part of this, the creative idea of getting your staff some cool baseball cap embroidery.

A minimalistic quote

A minimalist quote will be totally cult in embroidery, let’s discuss why. A minimalist quote can be anything, even your company slogan, or some one-liner encouragement.

Baseball caps have been a fashion icon for a long time, worn on every occasion, in every season, it’s perennial. Imagine embroidery of caps in a minimalist logo, as that will look unique. The best thing is, it doesn’t look too formal. Your staff can wear these and get to any party without even a second thought.

How can it look:

It can be in a monochrome colour, like a white cap with just the quote in embroidery in black. Or it can be a black embroidery in a greyish beanie cap, it will look just like a super aesthetic cap, can’t doubt that! You can choose how many colours you want on it, but we suggest not more than three.

Try to go for a printing agency that has low-cost production of these caps in bulk, but always look out for the reputation. There’s no complexity of designing as it’s complete minimalism, so you can simply order a two-colour-based cap.

Matches best with:

Any clothing style is fine but better with a half-sleeve or full-sleeve T-shirt.

Embroidery or screen printing

This will look unique with embroidery, as screen printing may dull the quote. The reason we’re not recommending screen one is that the resolution of the quote can be reduced, so better go for embroidery.

A painting of nature

Ah, we can’t think of anything better than your team members wearing a baseball cap that has a tiny water-painted natural scenery etched on it!

Natural scenery is a brilliant artwork for a baseball cap embroidery, because of two main reasons.

First, an artwork is representative of calmness. And not to mention, landscape paintings are very pleasing to the soul and mind. We feel content to look at a natural scenery painting and stare at it because it reduces our stress.

Your team will love wearing a cap with a painting of nature on it, which also will be completely great for the wanderlust souls. The use of colours in a nature painting is vital, so always order printing from a reputed firm that has a history of delivering popular beanie cap embroidery.

How can it look:

Let’s stir up your imagination a bit more. Imagine yourself in a white baseball cap, and a small nature scene printed on it in watercolour style. Maybe a small waterfall, or a setting sun?

Matches best with:

This can be fitting even in the workplace, as it goes well with even sweatshirts and denim.

Embroidery or screen printing

Digital printing is a better option for this. That’s because an embroidery can’t get the realistic look of a watercolour painting on a cap, it has to be a digital one that gets the colour correction right.


A Monogram of every team member’s name is a highly personalised thing to do, and your team will love this! If someone gave you a baseball cap with your name embroidered on it, you’ll just have a big grin!

Employees always love a personal touch and appreciation from the organisation, so this one will look super awesome as a token of appreciation. The best is to give out a monogram embroidered cap to every employee on their birthdays, with their names on the cap.

We mean, this one is better than any company logo or brand mark, it’s very personal and also unique.

Something we wish someone gifted us!

How can it look:

It will look quite matching given the DTG printed monogram on the cap. You can get a minimum order of the first few caps to just test how it looks on a baseball cap, and then have the delivery.

If you ask us, we’ll tick off the box of making a monogram on a coloured cap, but not some unmatching colours like tan or mulberry, as that looks just not right.

Choose some colour like grey, or maybe simple orchid yellow and order these monograms in small quantities.

Matches best with:

Best with a tuxedo to denim, this style has no bounds. But because a baseball cap doesn’t go well with formal shirts, so try to style it with any informal clothing.

Embroidery or screen printing

We’ll suggest you go with embroidery because a monogram doesn’t need a digital shade. Fine embroidery of your team member’s name will look too fine on it.

Just your brand’s logo

The brand’s logo may sound like an overused idea, but trust us, it’s not. Especially, when your brand logo can be straight etched in a baseball cap embroidery. The brand logo is highly important, as it just reflects your brand value, your audience and overall brand identity.

You can get your company logo in a completely different manner on the cap, say abstract or even a minimal shape letter.

There’s no strict code of colour when you’re selecting a baseball cap for putting on the brand logo, it can be either dark brown or even white grey, and the logo colour should contrast well with the background shade. Screen printing these shades will be too great!

How can it look:

You won’t be the first brand who use a logo in a baseball cap, but you will be the first to innovate it. Imagine a very minimalist logo in a white cap, or just the logo printed in a very classic way, like you see in a dad or six-panel cap.

Matches best with:

Matches best with casual wear, like turtle neckwear or even with a hoodie.

Embroidery or screen printing

This one will go better with screen printing because normal embroidery can’t get every detail of the logo and may never be able to express every detail of the normal.

90s movie design

Fan of 90s movies? High-five, because we loved them! Now think of having these movie posters on caps and personalised t-shirts?

Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

There’s a large bunch of customers for this design, all over the UK. Brits love to put their fab movies on their caps and flaunt them in workspace or even in subways!

And the UK is the best place for this because the UK has always been the hotspot for movies.

The popularity is so great that almost 70% of the global population loves watching British movies, so you can imagine how much people would love custom t-shirts and headwear with screen printing of classical movie designs!

How can it look:

Aesthetic look and a complete nostalgic feel will be there if you’re wearing a 90s movie design on a baseball cap. You can bulk order a lot of caps and get them a lot cheaper from a ranked printing agency.

Matches best with:

It can look better even in normal shirts, like polo ones or pocket tees for women.

Embroidery or screen printing

Digital printing is the best choice for film aesthetics and getting on anything digital. This is true for logos, movie designs, and brand slogans as embroidery won’t look so great in it.

Baseball Cap Embroidery Ideas

Some inspiring quote

Quotes are a different thing to put as baseball cap embroidery, as many people love quotes to be put on their caps or their clothing. Inspiring quotes may look mundane on pages, but not when they’re embroidered in caps.

It can encourage your staff, and even bring a sense of some Motivation Monday. But don’t try to put your company’s tagline or slogan just like that, rather, try to put a quote that matches with your company’s mission.

A daily dose of motivation won’t be too dull for your team, won’t it? So try out some inspiring quotes on caps, and get a bulk order to a trusted printing site. A trusted site will get fast delivery along with the highest quality.

How can it look:

Beanie caps won’t fit better with inspiring quotes, so try out with normal baseball caps. You can just try it out on some velcro or closed-back caps. About the colour, we suggest you try out a monochromatic or just a single colour, with no variation.

Matches best with:

Hoodies, turtle neck shirts

Embroidery or screen printing

Can be both, but we’ll prefer embroidery as it will look more professional, have better clarity than digital printing and won’t ever crack even when the cap is exposed to rain and sun.

Also, the ink used in digital printing may fade after years, and that can affect the visibility of the quote.

A white baseball cap embroidered with the quote will look utterly beautiful, the colour and visibility won’t fade even after years.

Location-based design

Now this is another level of creativity you can think of. Always remember that in the world of design, less is always more. You can just get the best photo printed or some common landmark for baseball cap embroidery.

Make a less clutter-free design just by putting the landmark over there. This can be a small embroidery of the Edinburgh Castle or Big Ben, or maybe even a digital print of Tower Bridge to make your employees feel a proud Brit.

The benefit of putting out a location-based design on a cap is you’re just personalising the cap and your staff will feel proud to show off a cap. You can get bulk orders from a popular printing agency, it will look refreshing.

How can it look:

A different look, but with fun artwork. So it will look completely aesthetic when that’s printed on the baseball cap.

Matches best with:

This does match with any casual clothing and in any season. The UK always has dry and cold weather, so even with teddy coats and scarves, your staff can wear this cool aesthetic.

Embroidery or screen printing

The embroidery will look brighter in this, as a location-based small painting will need attention to smaller details, so digital printing won’t be able to do great justice.


Puns are eye-catching, so this can be a great idea to print on caps. Even beanie caps with puns can look super aesthetic, so you can always order these caps from a custom t-shirt printing company.

But if you suddenly ask, how can puns add any value over so aesthetic artworks, then let us answer this.

Employees often feel the office environment is overwhelming and dry, so they’ll always appreciate caps with great puns or even sarcastic jokes.

Let’s think of this, you’re running a marketing company, and you want something funny to put up on the cap.

What can it be?

Maybe the office plant applied for a job role, as it wanted to GROW in its career!

These types of puns can be just put out on caps, nevertheless, you can also come up with your ideas. Get in touch with a print agency that provides fast delivery with the lowest delivery costs, and you’ll have a bunch of smiling faces in your office!

How can it look:

Very unique, and innovative, of course.

But the catch is it will be quirky, as well as something inventive. Try to order this idea on trending colours like tangy orange, navy blue or Christmas red. The pun will be in complete white in a baseball cap embroidery, so it will look too awesome!

Matches best with:

Your office mates can wear their caps with these just with any formal or informal, as baseball cap embroidery is pretty suitable with most outfits.

Embroidery or screen printing

Embroidery is better in this. You shouldn’t think of anything better than embroidery work because this engraves the letters best, while DTG printing can look scruffy in this.

Baseball Cap Embroidery Ideas Printing

How to choose the best printing agency for these ideas?

Now before you choose a baseball cap embroidery or a beanie cap, choosing the best printing agency will matter greatly. So what are the key things you should look at before ordering cost-effective embroidery caps?

Let’s check all of these:

Check customer reviews

Customer reviews always matter to a good extent. Look out for these reviews, as they are genuine reviews from people who have bought their products.

Look for the process of bulk ordering

Now why does this matter? Because the bulk ordering process can be lengthy for many printing agencies. Some agencies don’t even get transparent about their sending process, so always look out for that.

Check out for featured baseball cap embroidery

There should be a featured gallery for the baseball cap embroidery, as you can directly look at the caps and judge how well they can fit you.

Ask about their price

Their price also matters, so check on if the caps are in your budget or not.


These cool ideas will get you mesmerised, as with these cool ideas you can get on any customised baseball cap embroidery at a way lower price!